Aims of the Chamber

The Chamber looks to support the business community by representing it members, both at local and regional level, by having a closely run Chamber offering local businesses a strong voice that is in a unique position at the heart of our local economy.

Poole Chamber of Trade & Commerce

We aim to:

  • Work with local government and other bodies in order to bring about change
  • To become a ‘critical friend’ to the local media
  • Provide businesses to with the opportunity to network and encourage inter-business trading
  • To ‘join the dots’ between local areas and their commercial representation
  • To promote enterprise, innovation and growth in Poole
  • To become the voice of Poole businesses and give members the opportunity to express their views.
  • Offer business advice to members

By consulting with our members, we believe that we can form an effective group that can engage and influence policies and decisions, through the means of being a strong, responsible and independent voice to our business community.

Let your businesses voice be heard loud and clear.

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